Full Enterprise System

A no contact thermal screening technology with a reference control system…

A no contact thermal screening technology with a reference control system. To be utilized in your locations ensuring that thermal scanning, as well as responses to CDC questionnaires, are captured.

The reference control system maintains the accuracy of body temperature reading by comparing an individual’s body temperature against a constant reference. A monitor and an audible signal indicate the individual’s body temperature; entrants then proceed or step aside for further assistance due to an elevated temperature reading.

Trend analysis readings allow an employer to observe and respond to an individual’s temperature readings over a period of time. Those readings are available to identify individuals who may be susceptible to infection because of increased readings in body temperatures. An employer can then identify that employee and isolate them to prevent infection or exposure to others.

In addition, the full enterprise package provides access control to the facility for employees. Through this system, a facility operator can configure an employee setup in a singular event, regulate entries and exits into the facility by departments, trace employee whereabouts with contact tracing, and display the attendance history of an employee.

Off-site data management consists of temperature reading results with date, time, and photo reading of each entrant into the facility. This data offers a viable defense to a worker’s compensation for a negligence claim.

Enterprise-level technology and protocol platform to defend your organization from health challenges and litigation risks in the changing modern workplace.

We help organizations mitigate the effects of health outbreaks with renewed productivity and peace of mind.  

InfectCheck were incredible COVID-19 testing partners and instrumental in helping us ensure that our cast and crew members were safe to work on our commercial shoot for a major car brand.

Matthew M – Health Safety Manager

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