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What is InfectCheck?

InfectCheck is the enterprise single-source solution for the documented implementation of CDC, FDA, workers comp insurance compliance, and administration for infectious disease avoidance protocols.

The InfectCheck program provides a detailed assessment of your business health safety practices,  physical plant compliance, and entry-exit screening protocols.  The InfectCheck Entry Screening System (ESS) is a comprehensive InfraRed based thermal screening system. Its digital interface supports, monitors, and provides documented, recorded, and reported access control, enhanced with employee temperature trend history.

Question & Answer Employer Guide:
Return to Work in the Time of COVID-19

What are the various considerations employers must keep in mind when reopening their physical work locations? The National Law Review has a detailed article, “Question & Answer Employer Guide: Return to Work in the Time of COVID-19”, about many of the things employers should be thinking about when preparing to have employees and clients re-enter the workplace.

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