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How are you protecting your future? 

Reach out today to find out how InfectCheck can help protect your business from liability and the lives of your employees. InfectCheck is ready to defend your business from the health challenges and litigation risks in the changing modern workplace. If you’re interested in a consultation, or generally have questions, reach out to us by phone or by using the form below.

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Enterprise Defense

Our services are for businesses large and small in providing not only screening solutions, but also health tracking, risk assessment, and more. InfectCheck can help reduce uncertainty and liability at your company as your employees come back to work.  Having spent years training physicians, we’ve developed software, applications, and best practices into a singular enterprise-wide platform to help organizations get their operations back on track amid the unknowns of our new post-COVID world.  For an effective Return to Work (RTW) plan or status report, contact InfectCheck to schedule a consultation and begin defending your business today. 

Why InfectCheck?

InfectCheck consultants provide a detailed assessment of the executable steps required to achieve CDC-recommended healthcare best practices for your place of business. The InfectCheck Workplace Assessment will identify and communicate observed risk areas within your facility, and provide the solution standards in addition to the suggested minimum abatements necessary to realize an infectious disease, risk-compliant workplace.