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Access to relevant information can be the difference between life and death...


Protecting yourself and your business is a full-time effort. InfectCheck seeks to be a resource to aid in that protection. Our management and senior membership have years of clinical experience and have tailored our RWS program for maximum effectiveness. InfectCheck is a partner of IEMR, International Education Management Resources, a company dedicated to improving the educational tools educators have available.

Downloadable Information

CDC “Stop The Spread Guide”, PDF:

CDC, “What You Should Know”, PDF:

CDC Guidelines as of 5/14/2020

Recommended Health and safety actions in place

  1. Documentation of hygiene practices with ongoing surveillance 
  2. Vigorous cleaning of the environment
  3. Distinct parameters displaying where each person is stationed to align with safeguarding measures 
  4. Maximize the use of technology to complete work-related tasks/limit travel

Detection Processes

  1. Gather temperature readings of employees at the arrival of the facility 
  2. Communicate with employees regarding health status (remain at home if feeling ill)
  3. Work from home procedures when needed
  4. Keen awareness of latest updates regarding COVID-19