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What is InfectCheck?

Our team consists of experienced physicians, engineers, lawyers, C-level business professionals, and medical educators to deliver comprehensive enterprise-level Workplace Health Safety solutions. The InfectCheck program unifies reference controlled thermal screening technology, CDC-compliant workplace health best practices, employee education, facility signage, and proactive negligence liability defense protocols for a turn-key solution to address the new threats presented in the post-COVID “new normal” environment.

The following are brief descriptions of what the InfectCheck platform can offer your organization.


Liability Mitigation

The InfectCheck library of liability mitigation documents include:  
  • Employee release documents 
  • Safety education acknowledgments 
  • Workplace protocol acknowledgments 
  • Third-party information releases 
  • Health information release documents 
  • Health protocol advice documents

Access Control

The InfectCheck system deploys the industry standard in access control.  Use employee swipe to identify and thermal scan to authorize or deny entry.  The InfectCheck system can control electronic door strikers and provide signals to digital security systems.

Reference controlled thermal inspection with body imaging at facility entry. The InfectCheck system provides facial recognition and infrared scanning of all personnel that enters your facility.


Mobile Screening Technology

InfectCheck mobile unit for flexibility in an enterprise deployment.


Employee Tracking and Trend Data

The InfectCheck system identifies and retains all employee entries, captured scanned images and thermal data for future reference and liability mitigation. Trend data analysis available in the cloud, including provisions for time and location stamping as required.

Enterprise Workplace Health Best Practices

The InfectCheck team has compiled the CDC, FDA, and individual state and federal DOH recommended compliance guidelines to ensure optimal workplace health safety.

HR/Facility Safety Training

Well versed and qualified, we prepare and train your enterprise for safety, renewed productivity, and peace of mind in the post COVID-19 “new normal” workplace. Ensuring workplace trust and confidence is the overall objective.

Workplace Signage

The InfectCheck platform has compiled a comprehensive library of office and physical plant signage to communicate and help ensure that appropriate infectious disease abatement protocols are deployed within your organization.