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Daycare/Sr. Care,
Extended Care

The nature and nuances of Child Daycare, Adult Senior Care, and Extended Care facilities place significant additional COVID-related risks upon these business types.  When employees of the Specialty Care sector test positive for infectious disease, state regulatory agency guidelines can force the near-immediate suspension of operations, Biohazard level sterilization and costly cleaning followed by a minimum fourteen-day quarantine closure of the facilities can be the result.  The associated cost and loss of revenue have led to the shuttering of some enterprises.  The InfectCheck workplace health safety programs enable enterprises to deploy a defensible return to work plan that enlists the CDC-compliant  protocols that can be the difference between uninterrupted business activity, sustainable earnings, and enterprise bankruptcy.

InfectCheck Senior Care Services Include

Facility Entry Thermal Screening: InfectCheck infrared thermal screening captures the body’s core temperature of all guests entering the facility.  Employee temperature trend tracking, Time Clock, and data tracking.

Liability Mitigation document subscription: Employee waivers, participant releases and associated COVID-19 negligence liability defense documentation.

COVID-19 Isolation Transportation: Social Distance Isolation transportation provided by Educational Logistics.



COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic Testing: Specialty pricing for employee, Participant, and family. For more, click here.

Workplace Health Safety Training: CDC-compliant health safety best practices

DOH, CDC, FDA Facility Signage: Regulatory compliant facility signage.