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Film and TV Production

COVID-19 Support Services

Occupational Risk Prevention Compliant Services

Industry Trends for COVID-19 Response

State Office’s for Film & Entertainment have formulated  specific guidances for their Film, TV & entertainment industries to create a viable  return to work environment.  The implementation of specialized COVID-19 responsive transportation protocols, has created a need for industry specific transportation and related services.

Some production companies’ requirements dictate that cast members travel to locations  via private flights from their respective cities. Effective screening may include additional testing  upon arrival at the local FBO/Private Airport and at final destination. Furthermore multiple tests are required for all on-location personnel to enhance the safety for all.  

Most 135 GA Charter services are not sufficiently equipped to render this level of specialized services.  InfectCheck  has the internal resources to meet the industry specific COVID-19 transportation needs of the film, TV, & Entertainment industry.

Other InfectCheck services include: 

  • On/off-Site RT-PCR COVID-19 no-contact testing
  • PPE Mask, Gloves, Sanitizer
  • 16 Passenger (COVID-19 Social Distancing compliant) Transportation
  • On-Site Enterprise Defense system Lease/Purchase
  • Deployable Enterprise Defense system Lease/Purchase
  • Medium and Long Distance Private Aviation

Citation Jet Transport

Citation Jet
Citation Seating

Enterprise Field System

Field deployable Enterprise Defense system includes delivery, setup, and 12 hours of full off grid functionality

RT-PCR Testing

RT-PCR Testing

This testing delivers high accuracy and specificity for COVID-19 analysis.  It is a non-invasive sputum test.  

Film Industry COVID-19 Testing

Milo, Richard, and their team at InfectCheck were incredible COVID-19 testing partners and instrumental in helping us ensure that our cast and crew members were safe to work on our commercial shoot for a major car brand. We set up several rounds of testing with the InfectCheck team, our largest round having 112 of our crew members needing a test. InfectCheck managed this large quantity extremely efficiently and our crew members were in and out in minutes. The InfectCheck team also worked with us when we had to make last-second changes to our lineup, and they were very accommodating when we had crew members that needed to reschedule or test on a different day. I am very grateful to InfectCheck for their professionalism, flexibility, and efficiency. We could not have tested our entire cast and crew and achieved our high standards of a COVID-19 safe set without them.

Matthew Morgenthaler
Matthew Morgenthaler
Health Safety Manager