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Restaurants and Food Service Industry

COVID-19 Support Services

Dining has always been in a bubble

Let’s expand it to include…


The most effective offense is a strong defense.

Demonstrate to your patrons that you have gone the extra distance to ensure a Covid safe enviornment for them and your employees. 

Repeatable Standards

Documented evidence of consistent deployment of CDC compliant best practices is your strongest defense against opportunistic Covid litigation. The infectCheck system screens every guest through your point of egress and documents the findings offsite under third party custody.

Unbiased Interactions

Just like the metal detector at the airport, the InfectCheck system screens every guest in the same non-invasive manner, without regard for Race, Gender, or Age. InfectChecks only bias is over threshold elevated temperatures.

Claims Mitigation

Claims made will only be defended with indisputable evidence. The InfectCheck system provides you with third-party verifiable evidence of your actions and the claimant’s exam results.

Documented Actions

The InfectCheck system maintains the documentationn of your actions and a visual record of your patron’s temperature, time of entry, and answers to the CDC exposure survey.


Non-Confrontational Interaction

Guests are guided through the entry process systematically and objectively.

Controlled Safe Environment

After being guided through the new entry process guests are then directed to their respective seats. Through inference and experience the guest(s) apprehend that the building occupants have all also been thorough screening prior to admittance.

Noteworthy Comparable Concern 

Eminent experience for your guests because the bubble in your establishment is crafted for their health, safety, and enjoyment.

Unified Experience

Whether it’s the guest(s) first time or 30th time at your establishment; each guest(s) is provided individualized attention during the screening process. The objective process assures the safety of the bubble.


Service based Interactions

A guided welcoming experience allows the employees to extend their services ensuring the safety of all patrons. Safety is enhanced through the patron’s knowledge that the other building occupants have also been screened and responded accordingly to the entry questionnaire.

Controlled Safe Environment

Methodically, building occupants (employees, management, guests, vendors, etc.) are permitted into the establishment upon successful completion of objective thermal screening. Clear standards and practices are established for all; furthermore reinforcing the safety of the bubble.

Informed Responses

Through a uniformed entry process guest(s) that require additional assistance are identified and guided to another location. At this occurrence a designated associate approaches the guest(s) and converses about the next steps. The guest(s) identifies that a system and process are in place; even when guided to step aside. Through this interaction the designee (through training and selection) appropriately addresses the guest(s) while simultaneously safeguarding others.


Resource Protection from 3rd Parties

Vendors are invisible participants that undergird the creation of the bubble. Without their participation there would not be any finished product that comes through the service. Thermal screening of 3rd parties fortifies the creation of the bubble while also protecting the resource that ties the service with the experience.

Controlled Safe Environment

Though 3rd parties are invisible during the service delivery their physical presence is evidenced in the service delivery. Thermal screening of all building occupants sustains the safety of those 3rd parties because of the same support they provide to other establishments. This process highlights their importance to your establishment and signifies that their health and safety are a priority.


Vendors are integrated into your workforce with RFID readers that identify them individually. Through this integration, the thermal screening process is efficient; saving time and resources.

Tools to manage your bubble

Thermal Screening with entry questionnaire

  • Contact Tracing
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Discreet Alerting
  • Minimal Staff Interaction



RT-PCR Testing

This testing delivers high accuracy and specificity for COVID-19 analysis.  It is a non-invasive sputum test.  

  • Service based Interactions
  • Controlled Safe Environment
  • Informed Responses